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Australian Opal at Genuine Discount Prices

About Opalstop

Opalstop drilling for potential new opal fields.

The Opalstop was formed by an Australian family to promote the opals from their own mines located throughtout the Lightning Ridge area.

Part of Opal Search Australia, Opalstop and Opal Stop are the trading names used for our online presence, to bring our opals and opal jewellery to an International audience.

The majority of precious opal we retrieve from our mines at present is sold directly to international buyers who visit Lightning Ridge on a regular basis. These stones can end up in jewellery, or being sold as loose stones in all corners of the earth including such places as Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand just to name a few.

The Opalstop website was established a number of years ago to enable us to sell our opal jewellery and opal stones directly to the public, giving them the opportunity to purchase at greatly discounted prices from the usual large mark ups found in shops around the world.

Member of The Gemmological Association of Australia - Queensland DivisionWhen buying from the opalstop you can be assurred of buying genuine quality opal direct from the source. We have a long history in the Opal trade and gladly correspond with any member of the public, customer or not, regarding any questions or queiries they may have in relation to any part of the opal trade.

We regularly exhibit at trade fairs around the world, one of which is the Australian Opal Exhibition held on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia every year. This is the largest Opal expo in the world. Here we can display to trade and retail alike our jewellery and stones.

We offer anybody an invitation to email us or visit us at up-coming trade fairs for simply discussion or advice and questions about opals.

Visit us at Booth No 50, Australian Opal Expo 3rd, 4th and 5th August 2006.
Grand Ballroom, Gold Coast Internationl Hotel

Visit the Opalstop Picture Gallery for a pictorial record of the day to day workings of the opalstop.