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Information about Opal

 Types of Opal: Triplet / Doublet / Solid Opals

Triplet Opals- simply referred to as a "triplets."

This opal consists of a thin slither of precious opal placed on a black backing (in the case of triplets this is generally a piece of black plastic) then a domed piece of hard clear substance is placed on the top, thus giving us three pieces to make up the stone. Of course these type of opal are the cheaper of the three types as they do not contain as much opal. To identify a triplet simply look at the opal from the side and you will be able to notice the three distinct changes that occur.

Doublet Opal - black backing doublet opals

These are a step up from the triplet as only a piece of black backing is placed onto the back of a piece of crystal opal. This brings out the brilliant colours of the stone because of the black backing - similar to a solid black opal. The materials used are generally natural black opal potch or in some case ironstone. Beautiful dark colours that emerge from the manufacture of doublets can mean they are sometimes more valuable than a low quality solid opal.


As the name suggests, a solid opal is simply a piece of opal cut and polished as it was found in the mine with no modifications or enhancements at all.

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Information about Our Opal Doublets

Opal doublet stones have long been a part of the opal trade landscape. By making opal doublets you are able to recreate the beauty and brilliance of the solid black opal at a fraction of the price. Saying that, not all doublets are manufactured the same, resulting in some inferior doublets on the market.

Cutting and polishing the stones.Our doublets are made from genuine solid opal mined by us in Lightning Ridge Australia. The process begins with the cutting and polishing of solid crystal opal from our mines that are deemed good quality for doublet manufacture. We then choose the best natural opal potch (opal dirt) from our mines to use as a backing for the solid crystal opal we have chosen. Matching these two and using the best quality available glue specially designed for this purpose means we can produce these excellent quality doublets. We sometimes refer to our doublets as 2 layered opals as this is also a true description of our doublet stone.

The entire process is carried out in Lightning Ridge Australia by expert opal cutters and polishers who have been making doublets for many years. The benefits of buying a quality opal doublet are many. When cared for properly an opal doublet will last a lifetime, with no risk of cracking. It will maintain it's brightness and lustre and is of real value as it is a genuine opal with genuine value.

In many cases a good quality doublet can be more valuable than many solid opals of a similar size.

Doublets also offer customers the opportunity to purchase something that is as close to a solid black opal as achievable for their budget. The colours, brightness, patterns and lustre are identical to a solid black opal but up to 1/10th of the price.

We hope this has enlightened you more on our opal doublets and rest assured when you purchase opal doublets or opal doublet jewellery from the Opalstop, you can do so with the utmost confidence.

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