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Opalstop History and Photo Archive.

History of Opalstop

The owners of the opalstop started their Opal journey some 40 years ago on the opal fields of lightning ridge. These were exciting times in the opal industry and there was and still is the romance and excitement associated with the lure of finding your fortune on the opal fields.

Once the opal mining bug bites it will remain in the system forever!

Lightning ridge has many fields (opal mining sites) in it's surrounding area, and each of these is given a specific name. Once you have identified where you would like to mine you "peg a claim" to some land, drill your shaft and begin digging for opal.

So was the case in 1965 for the owners of the Opalstop. Since those early days The Opalstop team have mined out many claims in the different fields of Lightning Ridge including the 3 mile, Glen Gary, Carters, Sheepyard, Grawin, and Coocoran.

Click this link for a detailed Map of opal fields and deposits around Lightning Ridge [this link will open a new window]

To this day we continue to explore new areas in search of deposits of precious opal. The Opalstop has come a long way since 1965 but still remains a family business with a passion for Opal and the Opal trade.

Some pictures from the archives follow. Here you will get a feel for the romance, excitement and pioneering spirit that inspired our family to pursue their passion for opal, and still does to this day.

Visit the Opalstop Picture Gallery for a pictorial record of the day to day workings of the opalstop.

Some Photos from the Archives