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Newsletter #3 : July 2006

Dear Opalstop members,

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for July.

Some highlights for this month:

* Super savings on opal in silver jewellery for July
* New opal carvings
* Stunning black opal
* Australian Opal Exhibition

As mentioned in the June newsletter we were fortunate enough to have some good finds during that month in our old mines. The results of which are now beginning to be seen in our "loose opal" category on the website. More quality gems will making their way onto the site as they become available.

The mining during June continued at pace, and although our finds were not significant, we can count ourselves lucky that at least we are finding something and reaping some reward for our hard work. At the present time in Lightning Ridge the miners all seem to be telling the same story about the lack of good finds in the area. As a close mining community it is always good to hear of someone hitting a good patch of opal. There is never any jealousy, but quite the opposite and a genuine feeling of "good on ya mate".

A new area known as Wee Warra near Lightning Ridge was being hailed as the next area to be producing good opal, and many miners were resting a lot of hope and promise that this will turn out to be the case, including us! Unfortunately, the news from the area is not good as many sink holes were dropped by the miners holding leases. All but 1 failed to find any traces of the precious gem or even what could lead some to believe that there may be something there. This area has now all but been abandoned as a waste of time to pursue any further.

The one area that does hold potential is under strict environmental controls, and at the present time not many have dared to undertake any serious exploration. The search will no doubt go on for new undiscovered areas, and if you consider the massive amount of unexplored potential opal country that lies within the great basin of Central Australia, it is most certainly only a matter of time before the next big "strike".


During the month of July we are offering massive savings for everyone on some opal in silver jewellery. These can be found on our monthly specials page which is at the shop front.
Simply click on "Shop online" in the category section which can be found on very page. The savings range from 20-30% and represent excellent value considering our free shipping policy, and don't forget every buyer receives our free gift of an ironstone and opal pendant with any purchase whatsoever from the opalstop.

Please also take some time to visit our new category "opal carvings". The detail in these individual one off pieces is amazing. They are an all natural, all Australian product of polished ironstone, and exhibiting some form of natural Australian opal. Hours upon hours of delicate work has been involved in every piece and due to our many opal contacts in the industry we were able to secure these treasures and offer them at what we think to be great value on our website. Seeing a picture of these carvings is one thing but to really appreciate these you have to hold them in your hand and feel the incredible weight of the piece and examine the fine detail to appreciate them properly.

Don't forget to also go to our "loose opal" category to view some stunning new solid opal recently added to the site. These are quality pieces and the prices are true miners prices. We wouldn't sell these stones any cheaper direct to a buyer in Lightning Ridge. So please compare our prices of solid opal with that of competitors.

Australian Opal Exhibition.

Don't forget that from the 5th of August we will be exhibiting at the 2006 Australian Opal Exhibition at the Grand Ballroom, Gold Coast International hotel, Gold Coast, Australia.
This is a great event and we will be displaying our range of opal and opal jewellery at our Opal Search Australia booth No: 50.
So if you happen to be in the area, drop in and see us and all the other amazing opal exhibits on display. The first two days is for trade only but the final day of the expo is open to the general public for a small admission fee, and many opal lovers come to grab a bargain.

Many thanks for reading once again and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new members that registered with us during June. I hope you continue to visit us at and feel free to contact us at for any further information.


Darryl and all the team at Opalstop.

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